FriendsWe have just finished hosting a Japanese exchange student. While it has been a busy time, it was an absolute joy to have two so well behaved teenage ladies in the house (I am getting soft in my age). Needless to say our daughter has made a new life friend…..

The photo – shot in RAW; converted to B&W using Silver FX Pro; applied a white vignette and then a canvas filter for some texture.

IMG_0076Incineration Plant of Osaka City
Maishima Japan
34°39’56.8″N 135°24’20.2″E

If you punch the co-ordinates into Google Map you will see on Street View the full building. It is very unique and was designed by a European Architect. There are 10 of these scattered throughout Osaka for removal of all non-recyclable waste. The heat from the incineration generates electricity and the ash is processed to become used in road surfacing. Toxic Gases released into the atmosphere are equal to one motor vehicle per year.

Canon 50D
ef-s 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM
@17mm 1/160 f/8 iso 100
All comments, criticism and tips for improvements are welcome.

IMG_0561-2Takeshita Street
Harajyuku Japan
35°40’17.3″N 139°42’13.1″E

Canon EOS 7D
ef 40mm f/2.8 STM
@40mm 1/800 f/2.8 iso 200
All comments, criticism and tips for improvements are welcome.


“Photography is, and has always been, a process of intervention. Applications like Lightroom and Photoshop are simply the tools of today. As in days gone by, what separates a good photo from an average one is the intent of the artist, the tools they use and the implementation of those tools to achieve a creative outcome.” Glenn Guy – Travel Photography Guru.